We work with farmers that keep as close as they can to organic principles, grass feeding throughout the year and only giving antibiotics on the rare occasion that it is absolutely necessary.

The meat we sell is produced on the fields next to our farm shop, with occasional animals from adjoining breeders – they travel the least amount of miles possible, which helps eliminate stress, and that is what it is all about – great food, raised ethically.


Our beef comes from the pride of our farm, our pedigree herd of Lincoln Red Cattle. We chose this breed not simply because they are the traditional herd of the county, but because the beef tastes simply the best.

One of the oldest native breeds in the UK, Lincoln Reds have a lovely docile and placid temperment and excellent mothering skills making them a joy to handle. The herd lead a calm and contented life, feeding outside on grass in the Summer and on silage in the Winter, supplemented with concentrate only if they need it.


Again, our meat comes from pedigree stock – Berkshire and Gloucester Old Spot pigs. We believe that old traditional breeds make the best meat.

The way that we rear our pigs couldn’t be more different from factory farming. The animals are raised with a minimum of intervention, meaning no iron injections, no teeth clipped, no tails clipped, the aim always being to make their lives as stress-free as possible.


We source our Lamb from local farms and wherever possible support rare breeds.

We have recently acquired 5 in lamb Hampshires due to give birth in December but it will be a long time before they will be supporting the shop

Fruit & Vegetables

We have a large selection of locally sourced fruit & vegetables

Free Range Eggs

We’ve been selling our free range eggs since 1991

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