Here at Sunnyside it was definitely the egg that came first. We’ve been selling our free range eggs from the door since we first set up here at Poplar Farm in 1991. Our hens were made a Rick Stein’s food heroes in 1995.
Our chickens roam freely on the hillside opposite the farm shop, foraging for their own food. They can do this because we don’t trim their beaks, as is the practice with battery hens. The eggs are usually sold within 24 hours of being laid, and sometimes even within the space of a couple of hours. You can’t get much fresher than that.

And remember ladies – It may be the cock that crows but it’s the hen that delivers the goods!.

We currently have Light Sussex and Black Rocks breeds, and we think they produce the best tasting egg. It’s not just us though some of our regular have been buying our eggs since 1991. Perhaps we should launch a loyalty card!

Now eggs maybe small but they’re packed full of good stuff, your eyes, your bones, even your brain could all benefit from. One of nature’s best beautifiers if you want glossy hair and strong nails – eat an egg! In the late 90’s eggs received a bad press, but now experts believe that for most people eating eggs really is an eggs-ellent thing to do.

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We’ve been selling our free range eggs since 1991

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